Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, November 7 2011

Well! There, I've just finished scribbling my text on A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sorry to say, it won't be posted today. It has to be revised, but next week for sure. That'll give you time to read through it and refresh your memory!
So on to this week's...

  • Shakespeare sightings –
    • Reading Herman Hesse's Under the Wheel (I'm guessing the English translation of the title Unterm Rad since I'm reading it and discussing it with friend, colleague and Shakespeare follower Mediha in Swedish), I find in chapter 3 that the boy Hermann Heilner, a scholarly melancholy figure, likes to declaim the monologues of Schiller and Shakespeare.
    • The author of the Millenium Trilogy Stieg Larsson liked Shakespeare's Sisters, according to his life-long companion Eva Gabrielsson in her book about their life together Stieg and Me. She doesn't mention whether or not he liked Shakespeare.
    • Another crossword, this time in English. Clue: Iago to Othello. Answer: Nemesis. I had to get some of the letters in that one before I figured it out.
    • And reported from follower Eija: “… in Johnny Depp’s (or perhaps it is Tim Burton’s…) Corpse Bride: “Murder most foul…” Thank you, Eija!
Further, this week:
  • Read aloud with Hal: several scholarly analyses of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Movies watched:
    • Adrian Noble's version of same
    • The “Shakespeare Retold” version of same.
    • The Michael Hoffman-Kevin Kline-Michelle Pfeiffer version of same.
  • Book completed: Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film.
  • DVDs ordered:
    • Orson Welles' “Chimes at Midnight”, known in the US as “Falstaff”. Finally, I might add, we've been looking for that for awhile.
    • Three offshoots of Shakespeare plays, mentioned in film book, each one probably sillier than the next. One of them is a Star Trek, believe it or not. Supposedly based on Hamlet, believe it or not.
  • DVDs received from the RSC: a Hamlet, a Macbeth a Twelfth Night (with Kenneth Branagh) and a Shakespeare Sessions. Thank you, Ben at the RSC online shop, for helping me sort out my credit card goof-up.
  • Text posted on blog: Not this week.


  1. I listened to music on the train home today and had an epiphany! A Shakespeare sighting ( or hearing) In the Bob Dylan song- Tangled up in blue: "I lived with them on Montague Street, In a basement down the stairs"
    (I also read when I got home that Montague Street is in a nice area in Brooklyn, where there was a music venue called Capulet's, where Dylan would sometimes hang out.)