Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, January 30 2012

A low-key Shakespeare week. Those are nice too!

  • Shakespeare sightings:
    • In the new Swedish TV series Äkta människor (“Real People”), the new advanced line of robots being produced are all going to be given names from Shakespeare's plays. Examples given, Olivia, Hamlet, Iago...Who in the world would want a robot named Iago??!
    • In the Carlotta Carlyle detective series by Linda Barnes I've been reading for years, Carlotta finds a high school test on Julius Caesar that her young friend Paolina has failed to pass.
    • And so the movie claiming that Edward De Vere really wrote Shakespeare's plays has been released. Svenska Dagbladet gave it an OK review but wasn't convinced. Dagens Nyheter gave it a somewhat rave review but also concludes that's it's nice that the theory is all wrong.

Further, this week:
  • Still waiting hopefully for Stephen Greenblatt's Shakespearean Negotiations and Renaissance Self-fashioning. Bokus did warn me that delivery was uncertain...
  • Still reading aloud with Hal: The Life and Death of King John
  • Still reading: A Companion to Shakespeare's Works – The Tragedies.
  • Posted: Review of Bill Bryson's Shakespeare – The Word as a Stage

Well. That was short.

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