Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, February 6 2012

A little more happening this week. Having finished a play we now have the BBC movie and various analyses to look forward to.
  • Shakespeare sightings:
    • Danny Boyle will be in charge of the opening Olympics ceremony in London this summer and will be using The Tempest, Caliban's “Isle of Wonders” speech. This was actually in DN last week but I missed it last Monday.
    • More funny references in Saturday Night Fry
    • a notice in DN of the last performance of Reflexteatern's Twelfth Night
    • in a collection of the satirical and political cartoons “No Comment” from the 1980's, found on the bookshelf one night when I was having trouble sleeping: “When the Patriot News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, announced it would drop “Dick Tracey” because of excessive violence in the comic strip, creator Max Collins protested, 'You might as well ban Shakespeare and the Bible'.” I agree, no comment needed.

Further, this week:
  • Received: Stephen Greenblatt's Shakespearean Negotiations and Renaissance Self-fashioning. Sooner than expected! And since receiving the order, I've read in other books about how important these two books are in Shakespearean scholarship of the 80's and later.
  • Finished reading aloud with Hal: The Life and Death of King John. Next step: figuring it out. I hope Bloom, Greenblatt and others will help!
  • Still reading: A Companion to Shakespeare's Works – The Tragedies.
  • Posted: Review of Colin McGinn's Shakespeare' Philosophy - Discovering the Meaning Behind the Plays.

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