Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, February 27 2012

Not being an Internet genius it has taken me several months of blogging to discover an interesting little thing to click on called “stats”. Now I know what stats are of course but I thought it would just tell me how many hits the blog has had but lo and behold, it also tells what countries the visitors are viewing from and how many from each of the countries. To my delight I see that the blog has had viewers from Russia, Latvia, Germany, France, Romania, Australia, Slovakia... I'm so curious! How did you find the blog? Why were you looking? Please post a comment, all you Shakespeare people around the world! As I wrote in my intro in August, the purpose of the blog is to establish a network of Shakespeare enthusiasts, the more world wide the better.

So on to the Monday report.

From the Shakespeare Almanac:
  • February 19 (missed it last week) – On this day in 1608, possibly, Shakespeare's granddaughter Elizabeth Hall was born.
  • February 24 – On this day in 1607 Monteverdi's opera Orfeo was first performed. Funnily enough, without knowing this, I played a bit of the opera for my history class the same day.
  • February 25 – On this day in 1598, Henry IV Part One was registered in the Stationers' Register and the famous Falstaff emerged. That's the next play in line after the one we started reading this week.

Another week of few sightings.

Shakespeare sightings:
  • Steven Pinker in his book Words and Rules continues to refer to Shakespeare.
  • In the novel Jellico Road, by Melina Marchettat, the high school students are studying Macbeth.
  • In Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure Shakespeare is listed as among the classics to be read by serious scholars. It doesn't say that Jude read him though.

Further, this week:
  • Started reading aloud with Hal: The Merchant of Venice. A complicated play if there ever was one!
  • Posted: “Caught in the Middle – Lady Blanche in The Life and Death of King John.”

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