Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 2018

June 2018
Again, this has been a quiet month for Shakespeare. Almost no sightings. But there are some things to report so I’ll get to it.

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Shakespeare sightings:
  • Shakespeare is mentioned many times in Keith Thomas’s The ends of life. Here are some of the best so far:
    • In the discussion of the emergence of individuality in Shakespeare’s time Coriolanus is quoted: ‘Would you have me false to my nature? Rather say I play the man I am.’ From the same play the quote, ‘It is held that valour is the chiefest virtue and most dignifies the haver,’ to open the chapter ‘Military Prowess.’ Further on the author writes that the play, ‘represented the bloody self-assertiveness of the vainglorious warrior as a dangerous and antisocial anachronism.’
    • In discussing pride in one’s work old Corin is quoted, ‘Sir, I am a true labourer…’ and Professor Thomas continues that many people in the lower classes in Shakespeare’s England took pride in their work. As well they should.
    • In the entire chapter on ‘Honour and Reputation’ Falstaff is mentioned but once, without even a reference to his brilliant monolog on honour. For shame, Professor Thomas!
    •  In the chapter about friendship Hamlet’s friendship with Horatio is mentioned, but there could have been many more examples. Further on Professor Thomas explains that the declarations of love between friends, both male and female, in Shakespeare are not to be interpreted as expressions of homosexuality but simply the way intense feelings of friendship were viewed at the time. 

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