Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday April 9 2012

What an interesting week. Here's a report on some of it:

From the Shakespeare Almanac:
  • On April 8, 1828, Sir Walter Scott visited Shakespeare's grave in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Shakespeare sightings:
  • Looking up something on the website of the English department of the Stockholm University I saw a portrait of Shakespeare in an announcement of the current courses being offered.
  • In DN there was a long article on the Family page congratulating Kent Hägglund, board member of the Swedish Shakespeare Society, on his 65th birthday. Happy birthday, Kent! I'm looking forward to the next issue!
  • In the movie Inside Daisy Clover from 1965, an old favorite recently acquired, young Robert Redford speaks of “orisons” and explains to the even younger (at least in this role) Natalie Wood that it's a quote from Shakespeare.
  • In the movie Little Women one of the sisters in their actor guises claims “The play's the thing” and later when Jo meets her future sweetheart Friedrich, he tells her that the only thing he brought with him to America were his books, including Shakespeare.

Further, this week:
  • Finished reading aloud with Hal: Henry IV Part One.
  • Finished reading: Shakespearean Negotiations by Stephen Greenblatt. Will use it in an analysis soon!
  • Worked on: a text for another blog. Link will be provided when it's uploaded.
  • Started (barely): a text on H4:1.
  • Posted: A report on Shakespeare's Wife by Germaine Greer.

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