Monday, October 27, 2014

Assassinating Shakespeare

Assassinating Shakespeare – Confessions of a Bard in the Bush by Thomas Goltz. Saqi Books, 2008. Read in April, 2013.

                      The author of this book wrote a comment on Shakespeare Calling some time back and mentioned that I might enjoy this.  So I read it.  It is indeed very interesting. 
Young Goltz left his Midwestern American home in 1976 for a road trip around Africa looking for his brother.  It took him a long time and on the trip he encountered many situations which demanded all the ingenuity he could muster. Among his most fruitful enterprises were his street performances of Shakespeare’s plays across the continent which led to everything from prison to large theatres to schools in Botswana, South Africa, Rhodesia, the Kalahari and Zambia.
                      It’s funny and fascinating and a very unusual read.
                      Thank you, Thomas Glotz!

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