Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday October 15 2012

Not much this week in the line of sightings or days of interest from the Almanac but there are several other things I hope you will find of interest.

From Gregory Doran's Shakespeare Almanac:
  • On October 13, 1566, Gilbert Shakespeare was christened. What a name.  Still he ended up with one of the world’s most famous big brothers.
 Shakespeare sightings:
  • Two crosswords, both with Lear as one of the words.
 Further, since the last report:
·         Started reading aloud with Hal: As You Like It.
·         Finished writing text on Julius Caesar
·         Sent to Blogging Shakespeare: “O Kenneth” (This will appear soon on this blog)

Coming this week:
·         Shakespeare Calling follower Harold Berglund’s art exhibit is opening in a Stockholm gallery on Thursday.  Take a look at the link and see if you can spot the Shakespeare connection.

·         “He Reads Much - Cassius in Julius Caesar
·         This Monday Report

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