Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday March 18 2013

A week of vacation and I don’t devote the time to Shakespeare?  No….to Ruby Jand’s Movie Blog. One good blog deserves another, wouldn’t you say?  And already five Shakespeare films have been posted so Shakespeare certainly hasn’t been ignored.
Otherwise it’s been a quiet Shakespeare week so here’s the short report:

From Davis and Frankforter’s The Shakespeare Name Dictionary:
  • Antenor advised the Trojans to make peace with the Greeks by returning Helen (did he ask her opinion, or simply suggest both sides quit using her as an excuse and stop fighting? The dictionary doesn’t say). He is also the one who suggested the horse stratagem.  In spite of all this Shakespeare didn’t even give him a speaking role.
  • Antonio is a name used in a lot of Shakespeare plays but not Troilus and Cressida.

Shakespeare sightings:
  • In the novel Anywhere but Here by Mona Simpson, one of the two main characters, a teenager named Ann, in an awkward situation says she “went downstairs holding my open book in one hand, I must have looked about as casual as Hamlet.”
  • We turned on the TV a minute before the news started and just happened  upon a man in the process of saying, in Swedish, “To be or not to be, that is the question” (Att vara eller icke vara, det är frågan).  Why he was saying it, I have no idea. It was on a program called Jag minns mitt 60-tal (I remember my 60’s) and it was from Hyllands hörna (Hyland’s Corner) I think, a popular program at the time.
  • There was a small notice in Dagens Nyheter that one of Sweden’s absolutely best actors, Sven Wolter, (79 years old) is doing King Lear this fall. We went immediately to Stadsteatern’s booking link but the tickets aren’t available yet.

Further, since the last report:

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