Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday June 9 2104

Oh what a quiet Shakespeare week, as if the world of Shakespeare were holding its breath for bigger things to come.  Still, it’s never completely silent so here is this Monday’s report.

From Davis and Frankforter’s The Shakespeare Name Dictionary.
  • Lucifer, who as you know is usually considered the prince of demons and thus a villain, is actually “the bringer of light”, connected to Venus, the Morning Star, which the early Christians believed was the enemy of God. They’re so silly.  Anyway, Lucifer shows up in: King John, Henry IV:1, Merry Wives of Windsor, Henry IV:2, Henry V, and Henry VIII.
  • Lud’s town, the early name of London, got its name from King Lud who, according to legend, was a Trojan hero who escaped to establish the British race. His name comes from a Celtic river god and he was the grandfather of Cymbeline. A likely story... Mentioned, reasonably enough, in Cymbeline, coming soonish on this blog.
Shakespeare sightings:
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Season 6, Sheldon says to Leonard:  “This little dust-up between us is much ado about nothing” when Leonard plans to move in with Penny and Amy therefore plans to move in with Sheldon.
  • Only one Shakespeare sighting – a record low!
Further since last time:
  • Continued reading aloud with Hal: Antony and Cleopatra in preparation for seeing it at the Globe soon!  We’ll finish it this evening probably.
  • Read: Shakespeare Today by Jane Shuter, bought on the net i.e. sight unseen. It turns out it’s for young people who know almost nothing about Shakespeare so not much I hadn’t known but interesting anyway.
  • New comment on "Does Anybody Like Antony and Cleopatra?" 
Posted this week:
  • This Monday report.

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